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Infection control has always been paramount in healthcare, and since Covid, we are probably now more than ever aware of the importance of hand washing and how easy the transmission of viruses and bacteria is. 

Hemel Foot Care takes infection control extremely seriously and therefore takes the highest of care regarding the risk of cross contamination. 

At every treatment, each patient has a set of instruments, which are gold standard sterilised, for each and every patient treatment.

After a thorough washing of the instruments, they are placed into a Prestige Medical autoclave, which throughout the sterilisation cycle reaches a temperature of 134.5ºC degrees, which is then held at this high temperature for 185 seconds. This is the highest of autoclave sterilisation temperatures. 

Once the cycle is complete, a thermal print out is provided to show the temperature reached during the cycle, the duration, the date and verifies that the sterilisation process was successful.  

These print outs are kept as a record for each working day. 

After the sterilisation process is complete, the instruments are divided into sets for each patient, in sterilisation pouches, to keep them sterile until the pack is opened when with the patient. 

Once a year the Prestige Medical autoclave is serviced and certified by a professional technician.


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