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Gentle Grip Honey Comb Socks

Do you find after a while of wearing your socks, that the top cuff starts to dig in and cause uncomfortable, itchy red rings? This often happens with people who suffer from swelling (oedema) of the lower legs and ankles.

Socks that dig in not only are uncomfortable, but are not ideal as they can constrict a healthy blood circulation, which is particularly a concern if you have ever suffered from leg or foot ulcers, poor circulation or diabetes.

Gentle Grip socks, have a wide honeycomb top banding that keeps the socks in place, without digging in. They come in a range of patterns and colours, suitable for both men and women.

They are available online, but I've seen them for sale in The Range, Apsley at only £4.99 for a pack of 3 pairs.

Here's a short video from the manufacturers, explaining the benefits of these super socks!

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