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Recently launched in the UK, having taken the US by storm is a new, class one medical device which is a non invasive, non surgical, pain free nail correction system, for ingrowing, pincer and involuted toenails.

Surgery can be the perfect option for ingrowing, or painful pincer toenails, but not everyone is a suitable candidate for nail surgery and some people choose not to go down the surgical route. Now, there is a completely different approach to correcting ingrowing toenails.

Onyfix is unlike previous nail brace systems, in that each Onyfix brace is custom made to each persons toenail. It is painless and requires no maintenance from the patient, allowing them to carry on as before, with bathing, showering, swimming and nail varnish (with the exception of gel nails).

Onyix is a compound resin, that adheres to the nail, correcting the nail shape over months, so freeing up the pressure and pain from the ingrowing nail.

For more information on how you might be helped by this new form of treatment, get in touch now! tel: tel: 07419 589 844

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