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Toenails Too Hard To Cut?

I can't tell you the number of times I've heard that people have literally taken their secateurs or wire cutters to their toenails, because normal nail scissors or toenail clippers just won't do the job.

Amusing as that is, there is a real danger in taking such extreme measures to cut ones toenails. It's so easy to nip the skin, or cause a nasty cut, which could get infected. This has an increased risk to those who have diabetes, or poor blood circulation in their feet and legs.

Often the reason toenails are difficult to cut, is because as we get older and due to pressure from shoes the nails do become thicker. Thick toenails are uncomfortable as well as unsightly and can lead to further nasty foot health issues. As the toenails grow, they can cut into neighbouring toes and curl under, which not only is very painful but at worse could lead to a skin infection or ulcer.

Not only do you need the proper tools to cut and file toenails, but the technique is important too, knowing how and where to cut.

It's best to leave this difficult task to a professional. It can be quite relaxing having your toenails trimmed and at Hemel Foot Care you also get a full foot health check to include a neurovascular assessment to check out blood circulation and nerve sensation. Plus it finishes off with a soothing, hydrating and relaxing lower leg and foot massage!

All for only £25.00

To book call Hemel Foot Care on: 07419 589 844 01442 262820

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